What is True Cellular Detox in Castle Rock, CO?

Here at the Campbell Chiropractic Clinic in Castle Rock, we have patients who want to remove toxins and become their best selves. We recommend using True Cellular Detox, a detoxification program that heals you at the cellular level. To help explain this program we have answered some of your most frequently asked questions.

What is the True Cellular Detox Program?

True Cellular Detox is a systematic approach to detox your cells to remove chemicals that are hampering the function of your body. If you struggle with brain fog, inability to deal with stress, digestive issues, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, or fatigue, then you may benefit from this technique. By removing the three most damaging toxins from your cells, which are metals, molds, and hidden infection, you can improve your cellular health. True Cellular Detox uses five R’s. These remove the source, regenerate cell membrane, restore cellular energy, reduce cellular inflammation, and reestablish methylation.

How Does Nutritional Counseling in Castle Rock Support True Cellular Detox?

Once you have accomplished the five R’s for detoxification, you need to move to maintenance mode with nutritional counseling in Castle Rock. Your kidneys, liver, gut, and lymphatic system need healing, which is accomplished through diet and nutrition. We offer the Cellular Healing Diet as part of the True Cellular Detox system here at Campbell Chiropractic.

Will True Cellular Detox Help Me Lose Weight?

Ultimately, yes you will likely lose weight with True Cellular Detox if you are holding on to excess fat in your cells. As your cells heal themselves and release toxins via the Cellular Healing Diet, which avoids sugars and grains, you will most likely lose weight. Exercise is another component of the program that will aid in weight loss.

Contact a Chiropractor in Castle Rock CO

If you want to begin True Cellular Detox we offer this service at your chiropractor in Castle Rock CO. Here at Campbell Chiropractic, you can detox your body at the cellular level, while receiving nutritional and weight loss guidance in Castle Rock. Contact Dr. Campbell today at 303-663-8365 to make an appointment.

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