Need Care Right Away? Visit our Walk-in Chiropractic Clinic in Castle Rock

When you are suffering from any type of muscular related pain in your body, you likely do not want to wait for several days to get relief. Here at our walk-in chiropractic clinic in Castle Rock, while we cannot feel your pain, we strive to get you in as soon as possible so that you don’t feel pain either. Whether you were just involved in an auto accident, suffered a sports related injury, have had an accident on-the-job or just need a spontaneous adjustment to jump start your endorphins, our chiropractor in Castle Rock, Co at Campbell Chiropractic are committed to helping you get the relief you need right away.

The Benefits of Walk-in Appointments with Our Chiropractor in Castle Rock

Our Castle Rock chiropractor Dr. Rory Campbell understands that situations causing you body pain ARE emergencies, so if our doors are open, they are open to you as well. When you have a situation that requires immediate care, just come on by our office and we will fit you in with our walk-in appointments with our chiropractor. We offer same day diagnostics, assessments and treatment so you can get relief right away.

If you have an emergency situation such as having been injured in a car, work or sports accident, even our walk-in appointments with our chiropractor in Castle Rock may have to wait to be seen so that we can address your concerns immediately. We will attempt to immediately address you current condition and offer you effective therapies that are natural, drug-free, and non-invasive to get you fast relief for pain while promoting faster healing. You’ll also have a permanent record to satisfy any insurance, workman’s compensation or legal issues concerning your injuries.

Services at Castle Rock Chiropractic

Regardless of where your injury or pain sourced from, we are ready to treat you right away during our office hours here at Campbell Chiropractic. We offer every patient a full consultation, spinal adjustments, massage therapy, physiotherapy, nutritional advice, corrective exercises and stretches and my more to help restore mobility and proper body functioning. We can treat all kinds of spinal conditions, carpal tunnel, migraines and many other dysfunctions here at our clinic, so give us a call!

See a Chiropractor in Castle Rock Today!

Looking for optimal care in the chiropractic world? You will not find a more compassionate and caring team of that you will hear with our team. We offer a new patient special for just $70! With this voucher, you can receive a free consultation, E-rays and your first adjustment…this in a $379 value! Contact the team at Campbell Chiropractic today for more information by calling (303) 663-8365 right away or just stop by our office for a walk-in appointment to become our priority!